July Exhibition at San Francisco City Art Gallery

From July 3 to 28, I am exhibiting 9 gouache paintings at the City Art Gallery in San Francisco. Opening, July 5, Friday, 7-10 pm. Here are the pieces I am showing. They are vibrant and colorful, though modest in scale, the emotions are big and bold.

Confluent, gouache on paper, 14"x11", 2024
Confluent, Gouache on Paper, 14″ x 11″, 2024
Pulse, gouache on paper, 14"x11", 2024
Pulse, Gouache on Paper, 14″ x 11″, 2024
Net, gouache on paper, 14"x11", 2024
Net, Gouache on Paper, 14″ x 11″, 2024
Pink Marsh, gouache on paper, 9x12, 2022
Pink Marsh, gouache on paper, 9″ x12″, 2022
Stream, gouache on paper, 14"x11", 2024
Stream, Gouache on Paper, 14″ x 11″, 2024
Bountiful, gouache on paper, 11x14, 2023
Bountiful, gouache on paper, 11″ x14″, 2023
Dazzle, gouache on paper, 11x14, 2023
Dazzle, gouache on paper, 11″ x 14″, 2023
Diffuse, gouache on paper, 14x11, 2023
Diffuse, gouache on paper, 14″ x 11″, 2023
Capricious, gouache on paper, 12x9, 2022
Capricious, gouache on paper, 12″ x 9″, 2022

July Exhibition in City Art Gallery, San Francisco

In July, I will return to the wonderful co-op gallery in San Francisco: City Art Gallery, which “opened its doors at 828 Valencia St. in 1998 and has remained a constant in the radically changing Valencia corridor.”

Exhibition date: July 5-30
Reception & the City Art’s 25th Anniversary Celebration: July 7, Friday, 7-10 pm Location: 828 Valencia St, San Fransisco (between 19th & 20th)
Gallery Hours: Sun, Wed-Thursday 12-9 pm, Fri/Sat 12-10 pm
My gallery sitting shifts: July 16, Sat, 12-4:30 pm, July 22, Sun, 12-5 pm

Below are the sample of the pieces I will exhibit:

Resting, 11x14, Ink on Yupo paper, 2023
Ripples, 11x14, Ink on Yupo paper, 2023
Undulate, gouache on paper, 11x14, 2023
Jaunty, gouache on paper, 11x14, 2023

Artists Choice 2022 Juried Exhibition Reception

My oil painting “Leisurely” has been selected as part of the Artists Choice 2022 juried exhibition (Sep. 27 – Nov. 4) at San Francisco Women Artists Gallery (SFWA).

Juror: Ashley L. Voss, Owner & Director, Voss Gallery.

RECEPTION: Saturday, October 1st, 2:00 – 4:00

647 Irving St. at 8th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122
Tue. – Sat. 10:30am to 5:30pm | 415.566.8550

Featured Painting – Birches

Nurtured by many Russian novels while growing up, I developed a special feeling towards the omnipresent birches, which not only aptly set the scenes and evoke the particular melancholy especially associated with Russia and Russian people, and finally, I made effort in 2006 to try to capture such feelings with a painting titled Birches, which is currently showing at the McGuire Real Estate gallery in Berkeley as part of the “Crowded by Beauty” exhibit.

I love the slender shapes of the trees, the softness of the finely-layered birch barks and their eerie silver color, and above all, the eye-shaped knobs imprinted on the trunks from bottom to top, as if birches were meant to be the chosen observers from silent world, so as to judge humankind.

Birches / 樺樹 / Birken
Oil on Canvas
22″ x 28″
Completed in 2006

That painting is also a play of optical illusion – amongst the eyes on the trunks, there was a singular eye floating in the space, unattached, between two indifferent birches. Inundated by so many eyes, this oddity was not immediately obvious; once detected, one might ask, if this is a most determined birch eye, the eye of an invisible human, or just a wandering independent eye belong to nothing and no one.

“Shadow” Over the Land – Featured Painting

My landscape/allegorical oil painting, Shadow, depicts a fantastic world – a vast furrowed dark brown field, whose parallel ridges converge towards the distant horizon, which was dotted with a cluster of very insignificant white buildings, centering on a little church spire, which was barely visible. The contrast between the enormous dark fields and the tiny white village is highly dramatic, yet that is topped by several huge leaden and apparently weighty clouds, which curiously cast no shadows; instead, adds mysterious and menacing atmosphere, gliding over the entire field, s a huge shadow of an invisible bird, very much the personification of foreboding.

Shadow / 影子 / Schatten
Shadow / 影子 / Schatten
Oil on Canvas
30″ x 40″
Completed in 2008

Interestingly, this painting just joined a group show, titled “In to the Future”. Perhaps, this ominous world is the vision of the future?