Featured Painting – Wildflowers

My 2014 gouache painting, Wildflowers was inspired by a visit to a riverbank park in my home city, Shenyang. It was spring time and the abundant wildeflowers lent colors and joy to the large expanse of dark green meadow, just in front of some dignified woods. It was a joy to encounter this cheerful sight, yet with certain gravitas, in the usually gray and somber city. It was even more joyful to be able to capture such wonderful memory of my home city in a magical moment.

Wildflowers / 野花 / Wildblumen
Gouache on Paper
Completed in 2014

1 thought on “Featured Painting – Wildflowers

  1. Hi Matt,

    I really like “Wildflowers”. It’s very unpretentious and crisp, clean, and innocent.

    With joy,


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