Portfolio in Timeline

You may view slide shows by clicking on the individual chronological thumbnail images below, or click on the image collage and the title to see Paintings in Chronological Order on Flickr. Hover the mouse over the thumbnails to see the period it represents.

My online portfolio (on Flickr.com) in chronological order on Flickr has more detailed descriptions of each painting and drawing and it is dynamic and searchable by keywords (tag), such as (year) 2011: www.flickr.com/photos/matthewfelixsun/tags/2011/. You can also leave comments and let me know your thoughts. My complete portfolio – paintings, drawings and installations – is also arranged by Categories which also reside on Flickr.

Below images link to my portfolio arranged in timeline, better to demonstrate the course of my works.

Sample Works

Explore More:

Complete Paintings, Drawings, and Installations in Chronological Order on Flickr

Individual Flickr Slideshows:

Also see video presentations of paintings grouped by completion years, reside on Flickr (first 1’50”) (right), or YouTube (full length).

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