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My online portfolio (on Flickr.com) by categories on Flickr has more detailed descriptions of each painting and drawing and it is dynamic and searchable by keywords (tag), such as (year) 2011: www.flickr.com/photos/matthewfelixsun/tags/2011/. You can also leave comments and let me know your thoughts. My works are also arranged in chronological order – Portfolio in Timeline.

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My works range from whimsical to serious. I have concentrated in the past on human figures and portraits – nothing is more intriguing and fascinating to me as an artist than human beings. I also take delight in depicting scenes: sweeping landscape, seascape or intimate daily city life. My body of still life and abstract work is relatively small but by no means unimportant to me.

I have created many videos to present some paintings and drawings in more dynamic ways, which also resides on Flickr (first 1’50”) and YouTube (full length).

Apocalypse, an on-going thematic series to commemorate human misery. Works included here are also listed in other categories. You may read the description or view the images on Flickr.

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